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Matt Bidault

Engelsk København/ English Language/ Kandidat klimaforandringer/ bachelor biologi


I'm Matt, I'm 26, and I grew up in London. After travelling in Asia and Australia for nine months at the age of 19, I moved to the Scottish capital that is Edinburgh, where I spent four years studying for my Bachelors in Biology. As the end got nearer, I realised I wanted to continue studying, so upon graduation, I packed my bags, and moved to Copenhagen three and half years ago. I have just graduated from the University of Copenhagen, where I read Climate Change Science.

How can I help you?

Well, as a graduate native, I can offer expert advice in the English language - both in writing and in speaking.

English can be a difficult language to master, and I will try my upmost to help and to patiently guide anybody who seeks to improve their own English skills. I offer a range of services: from children (through conversation and basic grammar as we hang out after school) all the way up to Master's level for individuals seeking an English native to proofread their final dissertation (Note: I can only offer grammatical advice. I cannot help on the quality of content, as after all, it is your piece of work!).

Why me?

I'm bilingual English and French, I have learnt Spanish, and I am currently learning Danish, so I appreciate that learning and perfecting languages can be a long and challenging process. Having said that, with their right help, that process can be made far more enjoyable. So, if you feel as if I can be of assistance to you or somebody close to you, then please do not hesitate to get in touch!


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HD 2

Hvis ikke jeg havde Casehelp og mine tutorer ville jeg formentlig ikke gennemføre anden del af  min uddannelse. Jeg har virkelig udfordret mig selv og Casehelp gør at jeg får succes med det. Mark Didriksen

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